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Theatre for the Deaf.

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Theatre for the Deaf


While attending South Plantation High School I was significantly involved with the inclusion of American Sign Language into our Theatre for the Deaf style productions, performing as a Shadow Interpreter in six shows and glossing (or translating)/instructing five shows. It was my first experience signing in West Side Story (video above) that made me realize the impact of theatre and the importance of accessibility. 


While attending the University of Central Florida, I wrote and directed a play concerning the struggles of a deaf high school freshman in a Hearing world, What Does it Sound Like?, which performed in Project Spotlight’s One-Act Festival.

I was then asked to teach the American Sign Language included in Theatre UCF’s production of Trevor

My article, "ASL for actors," was featured in Teaching Theatre magazine's Spring 2016 issue (third bottom photo) which focused on diversity in the classroom. To encourage the inclusion of American Sign Language in high school theatre, I was invited to attend the ITS International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska as a Teaching Artist. While attending, I co-interpreted the mainstage production of Spring Awakening (photo bottom right)

Today, I am a D/HH Employment Specialist, helping people with disabilities find employment in the Chicago area.

I am grateful to have been so uniquely introduced to such a beautiful gift of language.



"Let Me Go"

Role: Lily

Director: Cory Williams

Inspirited - web series (montage)

Role: Lauren

Directors: Hayley Strubbe & Daniel McCook

"Princess Mononoke"

(Scene Remake Contest)

Role: Moro

Director: Antonio Camuñas